Top Spying software programs for mobile phone

Mobile technology is good and it makes life easier. However, it is important to note the concerns regarding its inappropriate usage. Many people are owners of mobiles phones and tend to use them for both their public and private lives. With appropriate tools users can take note of activities in other phones of interest and check on any inappropriate use. One of the tools is a mobile spying software.

Some of the most effective mobile spying softwares include; mSpy, eBlaster mobile, Spybubble, Spyphone tap and mobile spy among others.


MSpy is user friendly for mobile tracking purposes. It has various features and works with stealth. It allows spying on calls, texts, emails and internet usage by recording urls. It allows interception of instant messages and continuous access to the address books and all calendar activities. It also allows the surrounding to be recorded and all media files both incoming and outgoing to be viewed. Another important feature is that it has an option of remote control. MSpy also has disadvantages which include; no alerts on SIM card change, remote wiping of the phone content without reclaiming anything and can only track one phone at a given time


Spybubble is an appropriate software for those who want to check on their children. It offers proper tracking and retorting features as a mobile spying software. It is compatible with all mobile devices including iPad, is easy to install and can be updated regularly. Its disadvantages include; no alert on SIM card change, no remote locking, poor customer support, cannot store videos, cannot store any calendar events, cannot support Mac and cannot block apps, phone numbers and websites.


EBlaster is very powerful for tracking and especially for those who use Blackberry smartphones. It is actually the best for blackberry as it has features that cannot be found on any other similar mobile spying software. Despite its unique additional advantage, it has disadvantages which include; lack of parental control, no alert on keyword, no options for blocking, no remote wiping, no alert on SIM card change and no access to webpages, address book and calendar activities.


Mobile spy is a mobile tracker with a variety of features. It is different from other phone spying softwares as it has options only available for iPhone and Blackberry. It is a very trustworthy mobile spying software. Users can access the address book and track up to 3 phones. Its disadvantages include, no alert on keyword, no option for time restriction, cannot block apps and websites. Its email log feature is only compatible with iPhone and Blackberry phones.


Spyphone tap is a reliable mobile spying software that allows remote spying. It can work with all the common operating systems. It allows call tracking, text interception and recording of the phones surrounding. It also has alerts whenever the SIM card is changed. Its unique feature is the fact that it has different packages for different mobile phones. It is an appropriate choice for those who do not like monthly repayments. However, apart from its unique features, its other features are limited when compared to other mobile spying softwares. For instance, the call tracking option is only possible through call conferencing.

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